Real Estate

Real estate incorporates many aspects of notarial practice. This includes the legal transfer of a residence or commercial property, establishing mortgage rights, the division of real estate after a divorce, the division of a building into apartment rights, establishing property rights such as easements or leases. Notarishuys Veldhoven will gladly arrange all of this for you, both as a private individual and a business.

Purchase contract for a residence and notarial deed of delivery

When you buy a home, it is important to record all agreements between buyer and seller in a purchase contract. A “cooling off period” of 3 days after signing the purchase contract applies in the case of residential homes. We can give you more information about this. Often an estate agent will draft and sign a purchase contract. Of course Notarishuys Veldhoven will gladly assist you in drafting a purchase contract. The notary is impartial and independent and will ensure that you do not forget important aspects.


The purchase contract forms the basis of the notarial deed of transfer. Our role is to check whether the seller is authorised to sell the property and to ensure that the purchase sum and property transfer tax are deposited into our account. Finally, the deed needs to be registered in “het Kadaster” (Land Registry Office) before you become the legal owner of the property. Notarishuys Veldhoven can take care of this for you.

Mortgage deed

A loan is often required to buy a home. This (often in combination with some of your own money) allows you to buy a home. You borrow money from your bank or financier and they want certainty that you will repay the loan. The bank or financier obtains a pledge on your home. This must be recorded in a notarial mortgage deed.


In addition to the financial obligations resulting from taking out a mortgage loan, you are also bound by a number of restrictions. These restrictions are listed in the mortgage deed. For example, you may not rent the home to another person without first obtaining permission from the bank. We can give you more information about this and other restrictions.


Once you own a home, you may still require a new or extra mortgage, for example for renovations, to increase your spending limit or if you want to switch to a different financier.


As soon as the bank sends the documents to our office, we will ensure that the mortgage deed is executed. Once you have signed the mortgage deed, Notarishuys Veldhoven will register the details at the Land Registry Office.

New build

Buying a new build home can be a complicated process. Construction of your future home still needs to start, or it is in the process of being built. It is important to record any agreements in a purchase/building contract with the project developer or contractor who is going to build your home. Examples include the date on which the buyer takes ownership of the land and then the home, but also payment deadlines, (home) guarantees and any conditions subsequent.


A project notary is often involved in new-build projects. Notarishuys Veldhoven has a lot of experience in being a project notary. We work on behalf of both private individuals and contractors and project developers.


Are you an expat coming to live and work in the Netherlands? You can rent a home, but you could also buy a home. Notarishuys Veldhoven is located in the Brainport region Eindhoven and has plenty of experience in assisting expats. For example, in executing or assessing a purchase contract and the next steps, such as executing the deed of transfer and the mortgage deed. Notarishuys Veldhoven is happy to offer you expert advice. This will give you one point of contact and you can be certain that all your notary requirements are taken care of.

Would you like to make an appointment to execute a purchase contract, deed of transfer or mortgage deed? Call Notarishuys Veldhoven on 040 – 230 94 94, e-mail us at or use our contact form.


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