A divorce has a major impact on all those involved. Suddenly you need to start thinking about the division of possessions. There is a lot that needs to be organised. You are probably dreading the amount of paperwork involved. Who is going to carry on living in the house and is that possible? How do you organise the situation of work and children? Do you need a parenting plan? And what happens in the case of blended families? Who gets the dog? How should the financial affairs be settled and what about pension accrual? And what about the company that one of you owns, or the inheritance from your grandmother? Do you need to change your will? What about the prenuptial agreement? Perhaps the home and accompanying mortgage can be apportioned to one of the partners?


Notarishuys Veldhoven specialises in divorce and is familiar with all these aspects. Particularly in difficult times, it is good to have a neutral and objective party observing and ensuring that all the agreements are recorded clearly on paper. We will always look at the interests of both parties. We are good at listening and will give you sound advice. Advice that is not only legally sound, but practical too. This allows you to work together at building a new future.


The new matrimonial property laws come into effect on 1 January 2018. Please ask us about the consequences of this.


Sometimes the communication between two partners is difficult. Emotions run high and there is distrust, misunderstanding and even anger. This is when mediation is a good option. Please contact Notarishuys Veldhoven for a non-binding conversation to discuss the options.

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